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    Christmas 2006

    By caustin | December 13, 2006

    Austin Update

    2006 Edition

    Merry Christmas family and friends!  We trust that this update finds all of you doing well.  With each passing year, I am truly amazed with how quickly the time flies.  Each year is an adventure in our home (as many of you understand yourselves) and this year was definitely no exception.

    Change, change, change is what this year has meant to our family.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the faces of our children.  They are growing up right before our eyes.  In February, Noah turned 6.  He is reading now and excels in the areas of math and science—is it any wonder? He is truly his daddy’s boy.  Noah loves American history.  His grandpa is an American History teacher and Noah enjoys watching the History Channel with his grandpa.  Noah began 1st grade in the public school, but for various reasons and with his best interests in mind, we ventured into Homeschooling in October.  It is going wonderfully and Noah (the incredible human sponge) is soaking up everything we give him.  He goes 2 days a week to an afterschool program and recently made his stage debut in the Christmas dessert theater that our church does each year.  He was a natural (as any doting mother would say)—but he really was!  He played the part of a little boy whose daddy was off at war (World War II).  He loved doing it and hopes to do more acting in the future.  This year we have seen Noah show an interest in photography and “making movies.”  We have gradually given him more access to our digital camera and digital video recorder and he’s shown to be so responsible with them.  Noah’s favorite things to do are play his video game and spend the night at grandpa and grandma’s house (which he does most Friday nights).  He loves Star Wars and the Texas Longhorns (I wonder why?).

    Mikayla turned 2 in March.  She has grown an incredible vocabulary in the past year and can now express more clearly her opinions and feelings (that comes with both its advantages and disadvantages).  She is into all the girly-girl things like Disney princesses and Barbie and she loves to play pretend.  Mikayla loves to help.  Whether it is folding clothes, washing dishes, feeding the dog….she wants to help.  Her favorite phrase is “I do it myself!”  Yes, Miss independent can do just about anything she sets her mind to.  She continues to show a love for music and she enjoys singing songs and dancing with mommy.  —Oh, and she has mastered the art of doing the “hook ‘em Horns!” (Texas Longhorns) sign with her hand.  Her favorite things are the color purple, grandpa and grandma, Barbie and Belle (from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast).

    Jonathan started his own business with my sister’s husband, Van, this year after being laid-off quite suddenly from his programming job in May.  It has been an exciting but trying venture.  Many of you understand all of the difficulties involved in starting a new business and making a career change.  While he is still involved in the computer industry, he has changed from Synon programming to website design/hosting and videography.  The name of his company is 30o87 (it is the GPS coordinates for Pensacola).  We are thankful for the support of family during this past year.  We do not know how we would have gotten through it!  We pray God continues to bless their business and if any of you know of someone that needs a website, website hosting, or video work (weddings, special events, etc), please send them our way.


    With Jonathan’s work situation changing, I began looking at my options for doing some part-time work.  As things turn out, God opened the door for me to pursue my licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I have been offered an internship position at our local Baptist Counseling Center.  In order to be registered with the state, I have had to take a few additional Master’s level counseling courses.  I have been driving twice a week to New Orleans, Louisiana, since they have one of the closest graduate counseling programs (3 hours one way).  It has been trying but I will take my finals this coming week and I hope to start counseling soon thereafter.  In addition, I have been working at JCPenney’s for the holidays (nights and weekends).

    There have been some exciting things happening in our extended family.  My brother, Ken, married his girlfriend, Ellen, back in May.  We had a wonderful visit with them and we were all able to be a part of the wedding that was held there in Austin, Texas where they live.  The wedding was beautiful.  In November, my sister, Cathy, and her husband, Van, had their first child whom they named Kai Gregory Klimetz.  He is a cutey and is adored by his two older cousins.  We are all just glad he is finally here!  He did take his time in getting here.  Jonathan’s family is doing well.  His mom continues to be hairstylist at JCPenney’s.  His sister Jennifer is going to school and working as well as being mom to her 3 year old daughter Katie.  Jennifer’s husband, Terron, owns a company called Fairhope Films.  He has a lot of exciting things happening with his business and we are glad that things are looking up for them.  Jonathan’s brother, Brian, continues to work for GE.  His 2 children, Dominique and Josh are growing like weeds as well.  We were happy to celebrate Josh’s baptism this fall.  Brian’s wife Carol continues to chip away at her teaching degree while holding the fort down for their family while Brian travels with his job.

    Our family has been so blessed!  We thank God for good health and His peace that passes all understanding.  We wish all of you His richest blessings during this holiday season.  We hope 2007 will the best year of all!

    Forever in HIS Grip,

    Jonathan, Carrie, Noah and Mikayla Austin       

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